The Real Life of Real Estate Business Accelerator/Mastermind

A 4-month exclusive mastermind offering high-level training & strategies, community, and one-on-one mentorship. This mastermind is tailored to experienced agents who are ready to take their real estate business to the next level, who desire more profit, more sustainable growth, AND more freedom. You can have it all; let’s do it together…

I'm Kindra, a multi-award-winning REALTOR® with over a decade of experience. I’ll show you the importance of stepping into the role of CEO, and we’ll take an in-depth look at your business, with an honest overview for scaling opportunities & creating sustainable growth. When I started digging into my numbers and thinking about what I really wanted in my life, that’s when things shifted for me. I’ll show you how I did this deep dive into my business and how I used it to create tremendous growth and scalability. It has made my profit margin better than ever while allowing me to service clients in a capacity that I’ve never been able to before.

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What you won’t hear in this mastermind:
  • Doorknock
  • Lead generate
  • Bother people
  • Do x amount of open houses
  • This x this = this
  • If you want 100 deals, you need to call 1000 people

This mastermind is the opposite of what the “big brands” would have me teach. It’s how I built my business, doing it my, way & how I continue to run it & scale it with ease every single day.

There are a million different ways to make it in this business, and a lot of coaches teach that there’s only one way - that it’s a numbers game. They’ll say you need to make x amount of contacts to make x amount of income and then tell you to follow that formula because it will get you there. And while that might work for a select few, it sure doesn’t fill my soul & motivate me. So, inside my exclusive mastermind, I’ll be pulling back the curtain on the signature processes that are integral to my success. If you have the desire to create a successful real estate business by doing things differently, I invite you to come along.
This mastermind is called The Real Life of Real Estate because that’s what I’m all about - REAL LIFE. I want to show you that real estate can be about collaboration over competition, so I’ve created this safe container for us to share and support each other along our own individual growth journeys. 

No one teaches profitability in real estate. A lot of teaching is focused on lead generation, getting the clients, and doing the deals. That’s only half of it, and not many agents learn the other half. I know the other half. I’ve lived it, I’ve breathed it, I’ve brought it to life, and now I’m teaching it inside this mastermind.
Accountability is the key to growth, and you will find it here. The focus of this mastermind is growth, genuine community & creating new levels of success. You will walk away with incredibly valuable tools, insights & strategies that you can use in your everyday business as you start looking at your business through the lens of the powerful CEO that you are.

      This mastermind will change your business & your life like it did mine. Let’s go…

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