The Agent Code: Unlock Your Real Estate Agent CEO

The complete real estate agent blueprint for creating and delivering exceptional client experiences that build trust, client loyalty and a thriving business while taking control of your schedule like the powerful CEO that you are.

Have you ever found yourself filling out listing paperwork while watching a movie with a loved one? Or emailing a client while you sit in the stands of your kid's hockey game? How about changing a list price from your beach lounge chair while on vacation? You've probably felt that twinge of guilt when you realize you're missing out on what's going on right in front of you. Or worse yet, the guilt when the person you're with realizes you're working! 

If only you didn't have to be a slave to your phone. And wouldn't it be nice to cross everything off your to-do list for once? Playing catch-up in your business gets old quickly. Wondering where your next client is coming from doesn't help either. Real estate can be exhausting, but it doesn't have to be!

I'm Kindra, a multi-award-winning REALTOR® with over a decade of experience. I have an amazing husband and two kids, and I have been in your shoes, cue listing a townhouse while in the delivery room right after my son was born. Yep, this is a true story and not exactly one that I'm proud of. When I first started taking on clients, I didn't need systems. My processes were in my head, and that worked just fine for me until I started getting busier. The busier my business and family became, the more scattered I felt. I didn't have strong boundaries around my time, and work felt like it never ended. I was not stepping into the role of CEO of my own business. 

However, as I grew and became more confident in my role, I began creating my signature framework for how and when I showed up in my business by focusing on the experience I created for my clients and taking back control of my calendar. The result? A framework that enabled me to streamline my processes to allow my business to support me through personal tragedy so I could work at 25% capacity and still be a top producer; being among the top 5% of Coldwell Banker agents worldwide in 2020

Let me show you how...

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Using the Agent Code Framework, you can cultivate a real estate business that does the same for you. So you can actually watch that movie, cheer your kid on as she scores that goal, and enjoy that beach read in the sun. This framework is essential to gaining your time back while knowing your clients are taken care of and having the freedom to live life on your terms. Clients are on a journey with us, where we take them from prospect to client, then to homeowner/home seller and ultimately, to brand ambassador. The client journey is made up of all the magical steps in between where we showcase our expert status by providing tremendous value for our clients while walking them through their own personal buying or selling experience to closing on their deal. The Agent Code Framework is where we develop your signature journey and is the foundation to a successful and fulfilling career that serves you and your clients in the best way possible!

Here's the deal, the business of your dreams will be built on two things: the client experience you provide and how you manage your time. And the foundation for both of these elements is systems. The Agent Code Framework is the key to unlocking it all. There's a good chance you became a REALTOR® to have flexibility, freedom, financial security and the satisfaction that you are making an important impact in your clients' lives but, despite your best efforts, it hasn't exactly turned out the way you envisioned. That's okay, I've been there too. 

Let's get you back on track!

This course is for you if you:

  • Know that there has to be a better way to run your real estate business but are overwhelmed with where to start.
  • Have all your client processes in your head with little to no systems in place and are ready to develop a signature client experience that will help you stand out from the pack and build a thriving referral business.
  • Feel guilty when you find yourself thinking about work or working around the clock with no time for yourself or your loved ones.
  • Know the way you are running your business isn't sustainable, but you keep pushing through, hoping to make it work the way you had once envisioned.
  • Feel like you've lost control of your schedule, are on the verge of burnout, and are starting to resent your business.
  • Have a neverending to-do list and feel like your productivity is diminishing with every passing day.
  • Don't know how to establish boundaries and set expectations with your clients, so you are constantly responding to their needs at all hours of the day.
  • Are tired of giving everything to your clients and having nothing left for yourself, but are scared you'll lose clients if you aren't available 24/7.
  • Don't feel like the CEO of your business.

The Results

  • Your own signature client experience framework for moving clients from prospects to clients, to homeowners/sellers, and finally, to brand ambassadors.
  • Personalized templates, guides and checklists to use at different stages of your client journey.
  • Practical advice on calendar management and tactical solutions for freeing up time in your calendar by using tools and automation for a harmonized approach to your schedule and to-do list.
  • An understanding of your personal boundaries and how to set expectations with clients accordingly.
  • The ability to see your business through the lens of the CEO and make decisions that support you and the life you want to lead with ease, clarity, and efficiency.
  • The knowledge that you've served and empowered your clients in their journey, so they confidently refer their friends and family to you, helping you build a consistent stream of referral business.

What's Included

  • 4 LIVE video training calls with Kindra
  • 2 LIVE Integration & Progress calls with Kindra so you can ask questions and get help overcoming roadblocks
  • Facebook Group for questions, collaborations, and brainstorming between calls
  • Worksheets to help you implement what you're learning in real-time
  • A complete framework and guidebooks to establish your signature competitive advantage to stand out in the market
Please know, this is a small group program with limited spots where we support collaboration over competition. 

I created this course with you in mind. I am ready to take you over the finish line in 4 weeks so that you feel the most confident and prepared you have ever felt as you tackle the spring market. You will be able to harness the power of processes to reclaim your schedule and see white space on your calendar again. It's time to embody the powerful CEO that you are.

I know creating and implementing systems can be a daunting task. Maybe you've tried it before, and you just ended up frustrated with little to show for it, or maybe you have no idea where to start. Well, things are different this time because you've never had a blueprint before, and now you do, and you don't have to do it alone.

But make no mistake, this is an intense implementation program and an investment in YOU! Please do not sign up unless you are committed to doing the work and setting aside the necessary time to implement the program. The work you do within these four weeks is the foundation to a successful, long-term business that works for and supports you. When you invest in yourself, you are making a promise to yourself that you will see it through.

Are you ready to make that promise?

Limited spots available.
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